Restock: February

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ALL RESTOCKS ARE SUBJECT TO SHIPPING TIMES. This is why we cannot give an exact restock date!


3/4 Bangs CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
3/4 Bangs CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
3/4 Bangs CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Amber CLASSIC - (CL-013) Serah Pink
Amber CLASSIC - (CL-017B) Pink Pearl
Amber CLASSIC - (CL-019) Dark Lavender
Amber CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Amber CLASSIC - (CL-077A) Cool Dark Brown
Amber CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Amber CLASSIC - (CL-080) Grey
Amber CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey

Arwen CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Arwen CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Arwen CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Arwen CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Arwen CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver
Arwen CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Aurora Borealis

Benny CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Benny CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Benny CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Blue Steele CLASSIC - (CL-030) Aqua
Blue Steele CLASSIC - (CL-040) Mirkwood Green
Blue Steele CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Blue Steele CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Blue Steele CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown
Blue Steele CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Blue Steele CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Bombshell Bangs CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black

Braid Bun CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Braid Bun CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Braid Bun CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Braid Bun CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Braid CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Braid CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Braid CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde

Bucky CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Bucky CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Bucky CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Bucky CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Bucky CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black

Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-005A) Rust Red
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-014) Baby Pink
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-021) Plum
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-022) Dark Purple
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-053A) Victory Blonde
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-069) Warm Light Brown
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-071) Sandy Brown
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-072) Light Brown
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-073) Desert Brown
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-073A) Cool Brown
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-075) Mahogany
Buttercup CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown

Cady CLASSIC - (CL-004) Apple Red
Cady CLASSIC - (CL-050) Jade
Cady CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Cady CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Cady CLASSIC - (CL-069) Warm Light Brown
Cady CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Caine CLASSIC - (CL-004) Apple Red
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-005) Cherry Red
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-036) Indigo Blue
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-038) Dark Blue
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-046B) Grass Green
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-077A) Cool Dark Brown
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-080A) Blue Grey
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey
Caine CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Candy Striper - Billie Jean
Candy Striper - Sheryl

Chibi Large CLASSIC - (CL-014) Baby Pink
Chibi Large CLASSIC - (CL-032) Electric Blue
Chibi Large CLASSIC - (CL-038) Dark Blue
Chibi Large CLASSIC - (CL-041) Midnight Blue
Chibi Large CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Chibi Large CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Chibi Large CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Chibi Large CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver
Chibi Large CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Chibi Small CLASSIC - (CL-011) Bubblegum
Chibi Small CLASSIC - (CL-038) Dark Blue
Chibi Small CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Chibi Small CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Chibi Small CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Chibi Small CLASSIC - (CL-058) Yellow Blonde

Claudia CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Claudia CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Claudia CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Claudia CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Claudia CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver
Claudia CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Clip-in Extensions - (CL-005) Cherry Red
Clip-in Extensions - (CL-005A) Rust Red
Clip-in Extensions - (CL-006A) Dark Berry
Clip-in Extensions - (CL-023A) Deep Purple
Clip-in Extensions - (CL-035) Cobalt Blue
Clip-in Extensions - (CL-083) Pure White

Color Sample CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson
Color Sample CLASSIC - (CL-008) Magenta
Color Sample CLASSIC - (CL-009A) Peony Pink
Color Sample CLASSIC - (CL-053A) Victory Blonde
Color Sample CLASSIC - (CL-073A) Cool Brown

Curly Clip CLASSIC - (CL-002) Maroon
Curly Clip CLASSIC - (CL-014) Baby Pink
Curly Clip CLASSIC - (CL-016) Lightning Pink
Curly Clip CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Curly Clip CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Curly Clip CLASSIC - (CL-059) Ginger Blonde
Curly Clip CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin

Dany CLASSIC - (CL-038) Dark Blue
Dany CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Dany CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Dany CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Dany CLASSIC - (CL-069) Warm Light Brown
Dany CLASSIC - (CL-071) Sandy Brown
Dany CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Delilah CLASSIC - (CL-009) Rose Pink
Delilah CLASSIC - (CL-030) Aqua
Delilah CLASSIC - (CL-040) Mirkwood Green
Delilah CLASSIC - (CL-046) Olive
Delilah CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Delilah CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver
Delilah CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Derek CLASSIC - (CL-009) Rose Pink
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-023) Grape
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-053A) Victory Blonde
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-069) Warm Light Brown
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-070) Chocolate
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-072) Light Brown
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-077A) Cool Dark Brown
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-080) Grey
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver
Derek CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-002) Maroon
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-022) Dark Purple
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-039) Raven
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-070) Chocolate
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-075) Mahogany
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-080A) Blue Grey
Eowyn CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-004) Apple Red
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-005A) Rust Red
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-006A) Dark Berry
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-007) Hot Pink
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-010) Princess Pink
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-011) Bubblegum
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-013) Serah Pink
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-014) Baby Pink
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-023) Grape
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-025) Lilac
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-038) Dark Blue
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-042) Mint
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-053A) Victory Blonde
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-055) Lemon Drop
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-059) Ginger Blonde
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-065) Fire Orange
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-067) Salmon
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-070) Chocolate
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-079) Ash Black
Ferrari CLASSIC - (CL-080) Grey

Glinda CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Glinda CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Glinda CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Glinda CLASSIC - (CL-071) Sandy Brown
Glinda CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown

Grace CLASSIC - (CL-001) Wine
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-002) Maroon
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-009) Rose Pink
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-011) Bubblegum
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-016) Lightning Pink
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-020) Ultraviolet
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-034) Denim Blue
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-039) Raven
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-042) Mint
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-048) Emerald Green
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-052A) Aria Blonde
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-059) Ginger Blonde
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-072) Light Brown
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Grace CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown

Greta CLASSIC - (CL-029) Powder Blue
Greta CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Greta CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Greta CLASSIC - (CL-072) Light Brown
Greta CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Greta CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Hairbun CLASSIC - (CL-036) Indigo Blue
Hairbun CLASSIC - (CL-038) Dark Blue
Hairbun CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Hairbun CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Hairbun CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Hairbun CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Hairbun CLASSIC - (CL-075) Mahogany
Hairbun CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown
Hairbun CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown

Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-005A) Rust Red
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-021) Plum
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-040) Mirkwood Green
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-046) Olive
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-053A) Victory Blonde
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-059) Ginger Blonde
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-069) Warm Light Brown
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-070) Chocolate
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-071) Sandy Brown
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-072) Light Brown
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-073) Desert Brown
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-075) Mahogany
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey
Hansel CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Imladris CLASSIC - (CL-055) Lemon Drop
Imladris CLASSIC - (CL-059) Ginger Blonde
Imladris CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Imladris CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Imladris CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Imladris CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey
Imladris CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-010) Princess Pink
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-022) Dark Purple
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-031) Dusty Blue
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-041) Midnight Blue
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-042) Mint
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-043) Teal
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-048) Emerald Green
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-050) Jade
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-053A) Victory Blonde
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-055) Lemon Drop
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-059) Ginger Blonde
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-064) Light Copper Red
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey
Inigo CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-012) Light Pink
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-019) Dark Lavender
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-022) Dark Purple
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-025) Lilac
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-027) Slate Blue
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-034) Denim Blue
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-035) Cobalt Blue
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-038) Dark Blue
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-039) Raven
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-043) Teal
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-048) Emerald Green
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-051) Laurel Green
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-065) Fire Orange
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-077A) Cool Dark Brown
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-079) Ash Black
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey
Jaguar CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Jane CLASSIC - (CL-005A) Rust Red
Jane CLASSIC - (CL-006A) Dark Berry
Jane CLASSIC - (CL-025) Lilac
Jane CLASSIC - (CL-039) Raven
Jane CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Jane CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Jane CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Jane CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Jane CLASSIC - (CL-069) Warm Light Brown
Jane CLASSIC - (CL-072) Light Brown
Jane CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Jane CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Jane CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey

Jareth CLASSIC - (CL-002) Maroon
Jareth CLASSIC - (CL-007) Hot Pink
Jareth CLASSIC - (CL-009A) Peony Pink
Jareth CLASSIC - (CL-020) Ultraviolet
Jareth CLASSIC - (CL-022) Dark Purple
Jareth CLASSIC - (CL-030) Aqua
Jareth CLASSIC - (CL-033) Royal Blue
Jareth CLASSIC - (CL-036) Indigo Blue
Jareth CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Jareth CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Jareth CLASSIC - (CL-071) Sandy Brown
Jareth CLASSIC - (CL-072) Light Brown
Jareth CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Jareth Long CLASSIC - (CL-004) Apple Red
Jareth Long CLASSIC - (CL-005) Cherry Red
Jareth Long CLASSIC - (CL-039) Raven
Jareth Long CLASSIC - (CL-043) Teal
Jareth Long CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Jareth Long CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Jareth Long CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Jareth Long CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Jareth Long CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Jareth Long CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey

Jasmine Large CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Jasmine Large CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Jasmine Large CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver
Jasmine Large CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Jasmine Small CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Jasmine Small CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Jasmine Small CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black

Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-001) Wine
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-002) Maroon
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-004) Apple Red
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-005) Cherry Red
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-015) Rose Brown
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-033) Royal Blue
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-038) Dark Blue
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-050) Jade
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-064) Light Copper Red
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-069) Warm Light Brown
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-070) Chocolate
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-071) Sandy Brown
Jeannie Large CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown

Jeannie Small CLASSIC - (CL-002) Maroon
Jeannie Small CLASSIC - (CL-015) Rose Brown
Jeannie Small CLASSIC - (CL-022) Dark Purple
Jeannie Small CLASSIC - (CL-043) Teal
Jeannie Small CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Jeannie Small CLASSIC - (CL-053A) Victory Blonde
Jeannie Small CLASSIC - (CL-059) Ginger Blonde
Jeannie Small CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Jeannie Small CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Jeannie Small CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Jeannie Small CLASSIC - (CL-069) Warm Light Brown
Jeannie Small CLASSIC - (CL-070) Chocolate
Jeannie Small CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown

Jett CLASSIC - (CL-002) Maroon
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-009) Rose Pink
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-034) Denim Blue
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-039) Raven
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-048) Emerald Green
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-058) Yellow Blonde
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-059) Ginger Blonde
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-064) Light Copper Red
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-071) Sandy Brown
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-077A) Cool Dark Brown
Jett CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Josephine CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Josephine CLASSIC - (CL-059) Ginger Blonde
Josephine CLASSIC - (CL-062A) Light Peach
Josephine CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black

Katinka CLASSIC - (CL-004) Apple Red
Katinka CLASSIC - (CL-005A) Rust Red
Katinka CLASSIC - (CL-006) Raspberry
Katinka CLASSIC - (CL-008) Magenta
Katinka CLASSIC - (CL-042) Mint
Katinka CLASSIC - (CL-043) Teal
Katinka CLASSIC - (CL-049) Light Green
Katinka CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown

Kyle CLASSIC - (CL-032) Electric Blue
Kyle CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Kyle CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Kyle CLASSIC - (CL-056/CL-076) Fairy Blonde top/Dark Brown under
Kyle CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown
Kyle CLASSIC - (CL-077/CL-080) Deep Brown top/Grey under
Kyle CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Kyle CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver
Kyle CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White
Kyle CLASSIC - (CL-083/CL-078) Pure White top/Black under

Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-025) Lilac
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-028) Periwinkle
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-030) Aqua
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-036) Indigo Blue
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-039) Raven
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-046B) Grass Green
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-072) Light Brown
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey
Le Tigre CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Lee CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black

Leia CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Leia CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Leia CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Lindsay CLASSIC - (CL-021) Plum
Lindsay CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Lindsay CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Lindsay CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Lindsay CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Lindsay CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown

Long Bangs CLASSIC - (CL-004) Apple Red
Long Bangs CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Long Bangs CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Long Clip CLASSIC - (CL-009A) Peony Pink
Long Clip CLASSIC - (CL-011) Bubblegum
Long Clip CLASSIC - (CL-012) Light Pink
Long Clip CLASSIC - (CL-030) Aqua
Long Clip CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Long Clip CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Long Clip CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Long Clip CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Long Clip CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Long Clip CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Long Curly Clip CLASSIC - (CL-011) Bubblegum
Long Curly Clip CLASSIC - (CL-014) Baby Pink
Long Curly Clip CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Long Curly Clip CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-005A) Rust Red
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-006) Raspberry
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-007) Hot Pink
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-010) Princess Pink
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-012) Light Pink
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-020) Ultraviolet
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-021) Plum
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-023) Grape
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-029) Powder Blue
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-033) Royal Blue
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-036) Indigo Blue
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-043) Teal
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-047) Dark Green
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-050) Jade
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-059) Ginger Blonde
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-064) Light Copper Red
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-070) Chocolate
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-072) Light Brown
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-075) Mahogany
Long Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey

Lulu CLASSIC - (CL-004) Apple Red
Lulu CLASSIC - (CL-007) Hot Pink
Lulu CLASSIC - (CL-009A) Peony Pink
Lulu CLASSIC - (CL-030) Aqua
Lulu CLASSIC - (CL-047) Dark Green
Lulu CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Lulu CLASSIC - (CL-069) Warm Light Brown
Lulu CLASSIC - (CL-071) Sandy Brown

Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-012) Light Pink
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-013) Serah Pink
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-023) Grape
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-025A) Pale Lilac
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-026) Ice Violet
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-029) Powder Blue
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-042) Mint
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-049) Light Green
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-064) Light Copper Red
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-065) Fire Orange
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-070) Chocolate
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-072) Light Brown
Luthien CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black

Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-001) Wine
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-006) Raspberry
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-009) Rose Pink
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-012) Light Pink
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-014) Baby Pink
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-021) Plum
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-022) Dark Purple
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-023) Grape
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-030) Aqua
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-031) Dusty Blue
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-040) Mirkwood Green
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-043) Teal
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-048) Emerald Green
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-050) Jade
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-053A) Victory Blonde
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-058) Yellow Blonde
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-067) Salmon
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-070) Chocolate
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver
Magnum CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-004) Apple Red
Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-012) Light Pink
Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-022) Dark Purple
Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-025) Lilac
Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-029) Powder Blue
Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-034) Denim Blue
Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-039) Raven
Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-059) Ginger Blonde
Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-077A) Cool Dark Brown
Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-080A) Blue Grey
Magnum Long CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Malinda CLASSIC - (CL-032) Electric Blue
Malinda CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Malinda CLASSIC - (CL-061) Yellow
Malinda CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Marianne CLASSIC - Marianne CLASSIC

Marty CLASSIC - (CL-004) Apple Red
Marty CLASSIC - (CL-007) Hot Pink
Marty CLASSIC - (CL-036) Indigo Blue
Marty CLASSIC - (CL-049) Light Green
Marty CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Marty CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Marty CLASSIC - (CL-053A) Victory Blonde
Marty CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Marty CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Marty CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Marty CLASSIC - (CL-079) Ash Black
Marty CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey
Marty CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Matilda CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson
Matilda CLASSIC - (CL-011) Bubblegum
Matilda CLASSIC - (CL-014) Baby Pink
Matilda CLASSIC - (CL-025A) Pale Lilac
Matilda CLASSIC - (CL-045) Mako Green
Matilda CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Matilda CLASSIC - (CL-059) Ginger Blonde
Matilda CLASSIC - (CL-064) Light Copper Red
Matilda CLASSIC - (CL-065) Fire Orange
Matilda CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Matilda CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Matilda CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey

Merry CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde

Mid Clip CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Mid Clip CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Mid Clip CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Mid Clip CLASSIC - (CL-057) Pale Blonde
Mid Clip CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Mid Clip CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Mid Clip CLASSIC - (CL-075) Mahogany
Mid Clip CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey
Mid Clip CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Morpheus CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Morpheus CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Morpheus CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey

Natasha CLASSIC - (CL-039) Raven
Natasha CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Natasha CLASSIC - (CL-072) Light Brown
Natasha CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Natasha CLASSIC - (CL-075) Mahogany
Natasha CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black

Nicki CLASSIC - (CL-021) Plum

Nina CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-004) Apple Red
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-009) Rose Pink
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-015) Rose Brown
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-017B) Pink Pearl
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-038) Dark Blue
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-053A) Victory Blonde
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-059) Ginger Blonde
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-062A) Light Peach
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-075) Mahogany
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver
Nina CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Odango Bun CLASSIC - (CL-038) Dark Blue
Odango Bun CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Odango Bun CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver


Ororo CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson
Ororo CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Ororo CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White


Rocky CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Rocky CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Rocky CLASSIC - (CL-079) Ash Black

Rufio CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Rufio CLASSIC - (CL-071) Sandy Brown
Rufio CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Rufio CLASSIC - (CL-078/CL-004) Black sides/Apple Red hawk
Rufio CLASSIC - (CL-077/CL-082) Deep Brown Sides/Silver Hawk

Short Bangs CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black

Short Clip CLASSIC - (CL-004) Apple Red
Short Clip CLASSIC - (CL-011) Bubblegum
Short Clip CLASSIC - (CL-033) Royal Blue
Short Clip CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Short Clip CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Short Clip CLASSIC - (CL-064) Light Copper Red
Short Clip CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Short Clip CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-004) Apple Red
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-005A) Rust Red
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-007) Hot Pink
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-009) Rose Pink
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-014) Baby Pink
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-021) Plum
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-022) Dark Purple
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-023A) Deep Purple
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-032) Electric Blue
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-033) Royal Blue
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-039) Raven
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-043) Teal
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-047) Dark Green
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-050) Jade
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-055) Lemon Drop
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-059) Ginger Blonde
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-064) Light Copper Red
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-070) Chocolate
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-071) Sandy Brown
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-073) Desert Brown
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-073A) Cool Brown
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-077A) Cool Dark Brown
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-080) Grey
Short Wefts CLASSIC - (CL-081) Light Grey

Skyelar CLASSIC - (CL-002) Maroon
Skyelar CLASSIC - (CL-068) Dark Copper Red
Skyelar CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Skyelar CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Suzi CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson
Suzi CLASSIC - (CL-004) Apple Red
Suzi CLASSIC - (CL-032) Electric Blue
Suzi CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Suzi CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde

Tauriel CLASSIC - (CL-020) Ultraviolet
Tauriel CLASSIC - (CL-053) Ash Blonde
Tauriel CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Tauriel CLASSIC - (CL-069) Warm Light Brown
Tauriel CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown

Vegas CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Vegas CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Venus CLASSIC - (CL-003) Crimson
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-007) Hot Pink
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-009) Rose Pink
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-021) Plum
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-025) Lilac
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-029) Powder Blue
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-038/CL-007) Dark Blue/Hot Pink
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-046) Olive
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-050) Jade
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-054) Titanium Blonde
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-060) Light Blonde
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-066) Pumpkin
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-069) Warm Light Brown
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-077A) Cool Dark Brown
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver
Venus CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Victoria CLASSIC - (CL-030) Aqua

Virginia CLASSIC - (CL-023A) Deep Purple
Virginia CLASSIC - (CL-025A) Pale Lilac
Virginia CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Virginia CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver

Vivien CLASSIC - (CL-002) Maroon
Vivien CLASSIC - (CL-009A) Peony Pink
Vivien CLASSIC - (CL-011) Bubblegum
Vivien CLASSIC - (CL-021) Plum
Vivien CLASSIC - (CL-047) Dark Green
Vivien CLASSIC - (CL-048) Emerald Green
Vivien CLASSIC - (CL-064) Light Copper Red
Vivien CLASSIC - (CL-067) Salmon
Vivien CLASSIC - (CL-072) Light Brown
Vivien CLASSIC - (CL-076) Dark Brown
Vivien CLASSIC - (CL-077) Deep Brown
Vivien CLASSIC - (CL-078) Black
Vivien CLASSIC - (CL-082) Silver
Vivien CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White

Westley CLASSIC - (CL-023) Grape
Westley CLASSIC - (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde
Westley CLASSIC - (CL-053A) Victory Blonde
Westley CLASSIC - (CL-055A) Champagne
Westley CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
Westley CLASSIC - (CL-074) Spanish Brown

XL Clip-in Extensions CLASSIC - (CL-021) Plum
XL Clip-in Extensions CLASSIC - (CL-039) Raven
XL Clip-in Extensions CLASSIC - (CL-056) Fairy Blonde
XL Clip-in Extensions CLASSIC - (CL-065) Fire Orange
XL Clip-in Extensions CLASSIC - (CL-083) Pure White


Buttercup SILKY - (SI-004) Scarlet
Buttercup SILKY - (SI-057) Custard
Buttercup SILKY - (SI-064) Persimmon
Buttercup SILKY - (SI-068) Auburn

Caine SILKY - (SI-082) Sterling

Delilah SILKY - (SI-057) Custard
Delilah SILKY - (SI-083) Snow White

Hansel SILKY - (SI-005A) Candy Red
Hansel SILKY - (SI-014) Tulip Pink
Hansel SILKY - (SI-046) Army Green
Hansel SILKY - (SI-055A) Champagne
Hansel SILKY - (SI-077A) Turkish Coffee
Hansel SILKY - (SI-078) Onyx

Jaguar SILKY - (SI-078) Onyx

Long Curly Clip SILKY - (SI-056) Honey

Long Clip SILKY - (SI-053) Sandstone
Long Clip SILKY - (SI-060) Golden Blonde
Long Clip SILKY - (SI-064) Persimmon

Luthien SILKY - (SI-002) Garnet
Luthien SILKY - (SI-011) Taffy
Luthien SILKY - (SI-022) Blackberry
Luthien SILKY - (SI-028) Ice Blue
Luthien SILKY - (SI-046) Army Green
Luthien SILKY - (SI-053) Sandstone
Luthien SILKY - (SI-056) Honey
Luthien SILKY - (SI-066) Sunset
Luthien SILKY - (SI-078) Onyx

Long Wefts SILKY - (SI-040) Seaweed
Long Wefts SILKY - (SI-046) Army Green
Long Wefts SILKY - (SI-056) Honey
Long Wefts SILKY - (SI-060) Golden Blonde
Long Wefts SILKY - (SI-083) Snow White

Nina SILKY - (SI-015) Roseberry
Nina SILKY - (SI-018) Thistle
Nina SILKY - (SI-022) Blackberry
Nina SILKY - (SI-038) Navy
Nina SILKY - (SI-066) Sunset
Nina SILKY - (SI-071) Cappuccino
Nina SILKY - (SI-075) Umber

Ororo SILKY - (SI-054) Bleach Blonde
Ororo SILKY - (SI-078) Onyx
Ororo SILKY - (SI-082) Sterling

Short Wefts SILKY - (SI-004) Scarlet
Short Wefts SILKY - (SI-005) Fire Red
Short Wefts SILKY - (SI-018) Thistle
Short Wefts SILKY - (SI-038) Navy
Short Wefts SILKY - (SI-040) Seaweed
Short Wefts SILKY - (SI-046) Army Green

Venus SILKY - (SI-004) Scarlet
Venus SILKY - (SI-021) Eggplant
Venus SILKY - (SI-030) Sky Blue
Venus SILKY - (SI-038) Navy
Venus SILKY - (SI-049) Lime
Venus SILKY - (SI-057) Custard
Venus SILKY - (SI-060) Golden Blonde
Venus SILKY - (SI-074) Coffee
Venus SILKY - (SI-078) Onyx
Venus SILKY - (SI-082) Sterling
Venus SILKY - (SI-038/SI-007) Navy/Flamingo