About us

What can you expect when you buy from Arda Wigs?

At Arda Wigs, we understand that your dollar is important. That’s why we take pride in our customer service and our product quality. If ever you feel as though the product you received is not what you expected, you are encouraged to contact us so we can make it right.

Arda Wigs is a Chicago-based wig company that was established in 2009. We are dedicated to bringing cosplayers and wig enthusiasts wig styles wearable on any head type, as well as being realistic and easy to style. All wigs are made a full 23-inch circumference cap size (unless stated otherwise) to accommodate large heads and/or thick hair. Flash photos will not produce a blinding, unrealistic shine. We are also known for our customer service, fast shipping, great prices and mobility – we travel all over the United States to bring our wonderful wigs to a convention near you. We wouldn’t be anywhere without the hard work and dedication of our wonderful and creative staff.

Ethical treatment of our customers is not the end of our pledge. Arda Wigs strives to treat its employees fairly in all we do. Our employees are a valued and important part of our process, from warehouse workers to managers, and we do our utmost to make sure all of our employees are given not a minimum wage, but a living wage, as well as access to health care, benefits, and a safe and positive work environment. We look at our employees as family, and we could not run this business without them. If Arda does well, our employees see the benefit of that growth and positive change. That extends to our factory as well – we here at Arda have an active and positive relationship with our factory, which extends to conditions visits for workers and a dialogue that reinforces fair treatment.
Lastly, Arda Wigs is a Pink business, and we strive to be a welcoming and safe space for anyone, not regardless of their race, disability, or gender identity, but including it. We are proud to be a LGBT-owned business, and to employ people across every demographic. We are active in our community, and we support you!
We appreciate our customers and every dollar you spend with us, and we hope you feel confident knowing we value you, as well as the people who work so hard to bring our product to you. That’s what goes into our product, and that’s what goes out to you when you purchase from us. Thank you for supporting us!
– Sincerely, the Arda Team


Our Staff


As a child, Crystina had grand dreams of being Indiana Jones, which soon translated to “just try and figure out how not to be a deadbeat” upon hitting college. As a cosplayer, Crystina was sick and tired of never having a wig that fit her curiously large cranium. Thus, Arda Wigs.

Arda has been in operation since 2009 and Crystina has been cosplaying as "Harl" since 2004. She has a lot of things she likes, but truthfully, the most important thing to her is taking care of her wife and all the wonderful people below this bio. And really, that's what Arda Wigs is all about.

She wishes she were an elf, but is, in reality, probably a hobbit.

Job @ Arda: Owner, "Shachou"


Suzi is the general manager of Arda Wigs. She oversees the warehouse and its employees. When Suzi is not engaged in inventory, she is away at a convention administering the Arda booth. At home, she enjoys video games, rock climbing, and traveling to all the places Harl drags her.

If you see Suzi at the booth, feel free to ask her any questions you may have about Arda Wigs. She enjoys hearing recommendations, critiques, and new ideas from customers. 

Job @ Arda: General Manager, Inventory Control, Booth Operator


Derrick embarked in his cosplaying venture around 2008. With an affinity for the weird and the dark, he is generally caught watching/playing/reading such titles like: Persona, the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Silent Hill, and so on. He also enjoys the fine art of a craft cocktail, and geeking out with Harl about immersive theatre.

Derrick is a graduate in 3D Modeling and Animation and enjoys drawing ukiyo-e style art or practicing Japanese.

Job @ Arda: Wholesale Liaison, Logistics


Kyle grew up in Missouri where he got a BA in Illustration.

Kyle is our main Winter Weekly Work in Progress rep, and all-around an amazing crafter. He is also present at many cons behind the Arda booth. Ask him anything!

His interests include Trigun, Transformers, One-Piece, Marvel, Avatar, anything by Tim Burton, Gundam, and many more.

Job @ Arda: Inventory and Shipping, Convention logistics, EVA foam Master Builder


Armed with a can of hairspray as her weapon of choice, Malinda is all about her wigs. She taught herself to style wigs so she could cosplay her favorite overly-spikey-haired YU-GI-OH! characters, and eventually this led to her habit of selecting characters based on who's hair looked the most ridiculous. Her favorite things include Zelda, Final Fantasy, and owls.

At Arda, Malinda creates resources for our customers such as styling tutorials and reference guides so that you can look as fabulous as possible. If you need a style/color recommendation, she will be happy to assist!

Job @ Arda: Customer Support, Social Media Correspondent, Tutorials, Wigmancer


Born in San Diego, California, this warm-weather baby was converted to a Nord of the North when he was relocated to Madison, Wisconsin at the age of five. Since then he's loved the chilly weather and cloudy days. He plays old games, works with leather and rides his motorcycle fast. That's about it.

He also makes Harl laugh a lot.

Job @ Arda: Shipping Operations Manager, Second Warehouse overseer


Tim is the Arda photographer, and since he can't be bothered to write a biography of his own, his boss is going to write it for him: Tim photos gud. Gud photos Tim.

Tim is passionate about his work, and with good reason! He is also one of the driving forces behind Arda University, and in his spare time, Tim can be found at the Wabansia warehouse, working on his other love - making video games people wanna play.

Job @ Arda:  Photographer, Warehouse Elf


Jess is a graphic designer, marketer, cosplayer, and gamer who loves being a geek! She grew up obsessed with Pokemon and secretly hopes one day science will make them real and she’ll finally be able to become the Pokemon Master she always dreamed she could be.

Jess likes to make sure that all the Arda Customers are able to keep up with Arda’s most recent news, events and promotions. Jess thoroughly believes that no one ever really grows up and life should be filled with fun, friends and good food. She always willing to talk about indie RPGs, books, comics, cartoons, fonts, what your deepest darkest secrets are, and humanity's place in the universe.

Job @ Arda:  Graphic Designer, Social Media Corespondent, Marketing Team


In addition to fighting crime by moonlight and winning love by daylight, Lindsay enjoys collaborating on and coordinating promotional events for Arda.

In her spare time she is an internet activist focusing on pop culture's representation of minorities. She also interviews video game/anime voice actors including Matthew Mercer (Alvin in Tales of Xillia and Levi in Attack On Titan) and Erik Todd Dellums (Koh the "steal your face" spirit in Avatar The Last Airbender). A Chi-town native, she graduated in 2014 with a BA in English.

Her other interests include Sailor Moon, Kingdom Hearts, and all things Peter Pan - but not those Tinkerbell movies. Because, no.

Job @ Arda:  Marketing, PR & Promotional Events, Part time Spy Master, Full time Magical Girl


Meow is the mastermind behind all of our makeup! She attended Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, and currently works for Arda as our super talented makeup artist and makeup manager. She oversees all makeup products that Arda Wigs carries, and researches each product extensively before we bring it to our store.

In her spare time, Miya enjoys cuddling her bb cat Nux.  

Job @ Arda: Makeup Manager, Key Makeup & Special Effects Artist


Grace has been an artist for as long as she can remember. She is a sculptor who consistently gravitates toward the ethereal, the fantastical, and the creepy.  Equipped with a BFA in ceramics, you can usually find her sculpting away in her studio in her free time, creating animal-like human figures based in the realms of fantasy, nature, and mythology.

Her interests in video games, anime, movies, manga, and other media have influenced her since she was a child. Grace’s cosplay goals are to fuse her work as a visual artist with original costume-making, bringing her characters to life in a new way.

Job @ Arda: Inventory & Shipping, Laughing & Sneezing Very Quietly


Ken, aka Kenii, is one the Inventory and Shipping crew members at Arda. He is part of the few deemed worthy to step into the wig vault of Arda, a literal paradise of wigs, accessories, and wig supplies. It is by his hands that orders are picked, prepared, and sent out to the masses. You jelly?

When not at Arda, Kenii is always in search for the next best place to eat, the next book to get lost in, or that certain adventure that's waiting around the corner.

Job @ Arda:  Inventory & Shipping, Laughing & Sneezing Very Loudly


Rachel (aka Matcha-hime) is a Cleveland native who made her start in cosplay around 2009 shortly after attending her first convention and moved to Chicago in 2011. She was so infatuated with the hobby she took up sewing so she could make her own costumes. Every project, both cosplay and miscellaneous, was seen as an opportunity to challenge herself and further her skills. 

Her interests outside of anime, gaming, and cosplay include electrical tinkering, K-Pop, food trucks, and collecting Rilakkuma & Animal Crossing merch.

Job @ Arda:  Makeup Shop Inventory Management & Reporting, Website Tinkerer, Banner Goddess


Michael is a cool dude, with a cool bio. He hasn't cosplayed a lot, but he's thinking about doing more in the future, thus making cosplay even cooler by association. Maybe Italian Spiderman, or something like that.

Job @ Arda:  Inventory & Shipping


A Chicago native, Sasha applied to Arda, and then met Harl at Dragoncon 2015 dressed as Aerobics Instructor Thorin Oakenshield. We're not saying that's why she got hired. We're just saying it didn't hurt.

Sasha has been costuming since 2002 and before that she did costumes for Rocky Horror viewparties. As a wee babby, she made her own Halloween costumes. Sasha gravitates to characters with the best facial hair, and her favorite drinks are coffee, rum and coke, and dark sprite.

Job @ Arda:  Inventory & Shipping, The Champion



Job @ Arda:  Inventory & Shipping, clever invoice doodles. Part time Gundam pilot.