• Naomi
  • Naomi


$95.00 USD + shipping

Look cool and collected in Naomi, a brilliant look in our line of exclusive premium lace wigs! All of our premium lace wigs have a naturally wider span of lace up front and on the sides, for maximum seamless styling! As always, all of our wigs are heat resistant and thick enough to meet your every need. They also have our signature large cap that measures in at 22.75-23 inches unstretched.

Premium lace wigs are made from a mixture of both Classic and Silky fiber, so take care when styling, as Silky's max temperature is 360 degrees F. Premium lace wigs are custom colors and do not match our usual color ring colors and are not available in our regular line at this time.

Length: 33 inches
Lacefront width: 3.5 inches down lace part (part is off-centered) and 1.5 to 2 inches at the center

Density: 150%
This wig is a mixture of our fibers; its closest color matches are Black (CL-078) and a desaturated Mint (CL-042)