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Lift Up Tape Premium 3m
Give your face that extra little "oomph!" you may need to take your cosplay to the next level. Have a rounder face but want that square jawline for crossplay? Or maybe you want to give your neck or eyes a little bit of lift? Then this product is excellent to achieve that look!
This tape has a stronger adhesion resistant to sweat and oils. It even works great on top of makeup! Gentle on the skin, and breathable, it does not hurt when peeling off. This slightly stretchy tape will move and bend with your face, and the soft beige color blends into your skin. You can also apply makeup on top of the tape for more blendability. For more sensitive skin types, please use the Assist Cosme tape remover.
※ Please do not stick to places other than the skin.
※ If you get rash during use (when you feel itching or irritation) stop using it immediately and receive a diagnosis from a dermatologist.
※ As this may cause a rash, please do not use this product consecutively for more than 12 hours.
※ Please do not use for infants.
* Patch test is recommended before use. Cut out a small amount of tape and paste it on the inside of the arm. Leave it for more than 6 hours, peel off, please use it if there is no abnormality after that
【How to use】 Tape ... Lift up tape premium
① Clean skin works best
② Peel off the cut tape 1 cm from the edge.
③ Paste the tape on the skin of the part you want to lift up Paste and stick the tape little by little while sticking.
④You can secure the tape with a hairpin for better adhesion