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  • An example of how Thibra can be wrapped around items to pick up details

Thibra Mini Sheets

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Arda Wigs is proud to announce we will be the first retailer in North America to carry the exciting new product, Thibra! We're offering these 1/8th and 1/16th sized sheets for those of you who'd like to use Thibra for molding, fine details or other small projects. If you'd like larger sized sheets be sure to check Arda Plastics, our thermoplastic specialty shop and take advantage of our free and discounted shipping options for US residents! Thibra is a brand-new thermoplastic sheet with exciting new features. With no mesh backing and an extremely smooth surface, the need for sanding and priming is almost nonexistent, saving you time and money in additional materials. Many users have reported success in immediately spray painting after finishing their piece without any additional primer at all, though personal results may vary based on usage and application. Thibra features a smooth surface and sticks to itself when heated; any scraps can be heated and reused. Thibra is easy to carve, sculpt and model, and will retain its shape after cooling. As with any thermoplastic, we recommend keeping it out of sunlight or hot cars when finished. Thibra has a lower working temperature, which helps with its workability - it activates at 160 degrees Fahrenheit (70-80 degrees Celsius). Tips: When working with Thibra, use a silicone sheet to prevent Thibra from sticking to your work surface. When combined with contact cement, Thibra adheres excellently to foam. Apply a thin layer of glue, let dry for 15 minutes, and then apply your hot Thibra. Soldering irons and heat pens and tools can be used to create details, but as with any thermoplastics, please make use of a professional respirator and safety goggles, as the smoke produced is toxic to inhale.