A Wrinkle in Time Wig Suggestion Guide

Posted on 09 March 2018

Mrs. Which

Lindsay in Titanium Blonde

Her hairstyle and length change frequently! The Lindsay has lots of curls, though you might do some re-curling or crimping depending on the variant. Long wefts may be needed for her longest style.

Mrs. Whatsit

Dany in Pumpkin

Tauriel in Pumpkin

The Tauriel will be a closer length when straightened with a flat iron. The Dany has a part in the center front but will be a little shorter than Mrs. Whatsit's hairstyle, though Long Wefts could be added for length. You could roll some hair up in sections similarly to doing victory rolls, or you could use a plush roll or tubing to wrap the hair around for her rolled style.

Mrs. Who

Arwen in Deep Brown

Lindsay in Deep Brown

The wig choice can depend on which of her hairstyles you're trying to create! The Arwen would be better for the look where her hair has side buns and a part in the center of the hairline, while the Lindsay would be better for her updo look. See this tutorial for putting non-ponytail styles into updos or high ponytails: 

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