Wig Suggestion Guide – Voltron Legendary Defender

Posted on 12 August 2016

The Magnum Long is already mullet-ready – just need to style the bangs!

Color varies depending on reference image.

The back of this wig is super thick and fluffy! Be sure to give it a good shake before wearing.

This style would need to have the forelocks trimmed, but the pre-teased top makes it easy to fluff the bangs and part them in the center.

The Rocky can be heat-trained back with enough heat-styling, While the Marty is already trained back but would need some trimming. You could splice either of these with a grey Rocky for a lighter-colored undercut, or dye the top of a grey rocky if you’re on a budget. The Bombshell bang can be feathered at the ends with some point-cutting. 


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