Wig Suggestion Guide – Pokemon Sun + Moon Aether Foundation

Posted on 15 September 2016

Streaks of Ice Violet wefts could be added in, or you could hand-color small sections with a copic or sharpie marker.

Dark Purple is more accurate to the artwork, while Plum is more accurate to the in-game model. The Inigo has a pre-teased top that makes it easier to add additional wefts and backcomb for her fluffy style. See Hee-Hee’s tutorial for how to get more volume!

The Buttercup would need some trimming, but the style has a skin top that lets you part the hair on the opposite side with heat from a hair dryer.


Pokemon artwork tends to use less saturated colors, so the shade of brown could be interpreted as darker if you’d like to use a different shade for your complexion. :)


The Inigo would need to be trimmed, but the color could be interpreted as a darker blue if you’d like to use a Katinka or Priscilla in Raven.

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