Persona 5 Wig Suggestions

Posted on 14 April 2017

Thanks Joanne.

Main Protagonist

Hansel in Natural Black

Hansel in Black

The Derek is a good alternative if Hansels are out of stock. Color varies depending on the reference.

Ann Takamaki

Caine in Dark Ash Blonde

Clips in Dark Ash Blonde

The Cain has a pre-teased top, which makes it easier to do a side part. You could relax the curls on our curly clips, trim our long curly clips, or trim/curl our mid clips. 

Ryuji Sakamoto

Rocky in Fairy Blonde

Jett in Fairy Blonde

Jett has a bit more length to work with, but might need a little trimming. The Rocky looks pretty close in length, and can be fluffed out with heat from a hair dryer.

Makoto Niijima

Magnum in Spanish Brown

Magnum in Cool Brown

Both colors will be pretty close! Her hair color also looks like a darker shade in some references, so it's up to your preference. Bangs would need to be trimmed.

Futuba Sakura

Venus in Pumpkin

Nina in Pumpkin

Either style will work! The Nina will need to be straightened and the Venus may need to be trimmed a little.

Yusuke Kitagawa

Caine in Dark Blue

Lulu in Dark Blue

Caine in Raven

Lulu in Raven

Yusuke's hair color varies between references. The Caine has a pre-teased top, while the Lulu has a part down the center (though bangs can still be side-swept). The Lulu also comes in Dark Purple depending on how you interpret the color.

Haru Okumura

Josephine in Sandy Brown

 Josephine in Sandy Brown! Brush this style out for a fluffier look!

Goro Akechi 

Magnum Long in Cool Brown

Magnum Long in Light Brown

 Color varies depending on the reference.

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