Arda Wigs at Drag Con!

Posted on 01 May 2018

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Arda Wigs will be at DragCon L.A. May 11th - 13th at the L.A. Convention Center. Make sure you stop by our booth #1255 on the Tongue Pop Toll Rd. to check out our awesome products. Some of your favorite queens are also slated to make an appearance at the booth for you to meet and take photos with. 


Dragula S1 Finalist  Melissa Befierce: All day 

Amanda Bang: All day

Dragula S2 Contestant Erika Klash: 5-8pm


Kamora (Jason Adcock): 10-1pm

Maureen Sandiego: 12-3pm

Pickle (Joe Faragher):12-3pm

Dragula S1 Contestant Pinche Queen (Dallas Boyd): 3-6pm

Dragula S1 Contestant Meatball (Logan Jennings): 3-6pm


Dragula S1 Contestant Loris: 10-1pm

Crêpe Suzette:11-2pm

Ilona Verley: 1-4pm

Dragula S1 Supermonster Vander Von Odd:1-4pm



Saturday, Miya will also be hosting a fun demo on former BFF winner and fellow makeup artist, Pompberry! See you there!


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