2018 Seasonal Sponsorship Application #2

Posted on 02 April 2018

Featured Looks:
Naktis: Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay | Photographer: Solaris Studios
Marina: Hane Cosplay | Photographer: Siddharth Photography
Allura: Otaku Skum Cosplay | Photographer: ATLAS Digital

Need an Arda Wig to complete your next look? Arda Wigs and Arda Wigs Canada have a few sponsorship opportunities for the Spring season! These sponsorships will be on a per-look/costume basis and will require an approval process. Please fill out the entry form below to apply! Applications are due April 16th at Noon/12:00 P.M. CST.
Applications are closed! Due to the number of applicants, we are unable to respond to every entry. The selected applicants will receive an email by end of day April 18th. Thank you!


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