Iron Wig 2017 Round 4: Results

Posted on 19 April 2017

We are pleased to announce the results of Iron Wig 2017 Round 4!

Scores were determined by a panel of three Arda judges. Scores are added up and divided by three for an average score. Contestants are welcome to contact our staff if they would like a private critique.

The top score was awarded to Axel Wig Shop! He'll be awarded with a $25 gift certificate.

Axel is also the winner from our audience poll, and will be receiving an additional $20 Arda gift certificate!

Unfortunately two of our contestants stepped out from the competition. As a result, Axel Wig Shop, Fish'n'Wigs, and Katie Bair will be moving onto the final round. Congrats!

Axel Wig Shop

Accuracy: 9.67
Cleanliness: 10
Creativity/Complexity: 10

TOTAL:  29.67


Accuracy: 8
Cleanliness: 7.67
Creativity/Complexity: 8.33


Katie Bair

Accuracy: 7
Cleanliness: 8
Creativity/Complexity: 8.67

TOTAL: 23.67

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