Eric Ivan Daniels – Arwen Review

Posted on 07 October 2015

The Arwen is a long beautiful lace front wig perfect for cosplayers of Rapunzel or Elsa, and for Drag Queens looking for dramatic height and length. The wig measures a little over 40 inches when fully straightened so there’s quite a bit to play with! We used two wigs in the color ash blonde and sewed them together because, as any good Drag Queen knows, the bigger the hair the better.

During the styling process, the length presented a unique challenge; I wanted to change the curl pattern but curling it around a curling iron was not working due to the hair length and amount of hair wrapped around itself on the iron. To achieve the look I wanted I went the old school way and rolled it up in rollers and clipped them in place. On the base wig I used a larger roller from root to about halfway down the subsection of hair and then wrapped the remaining hair around a much smaller roller.

Once the entire wig was placed in rollers I boiled a medium sized pot of water. Place the wig in the sink and slowly pour the water over the wig, make sure to saturate each roller. You will want to have a towel ready to place over the sink to trap the steam. Let it sit and cook for about five minutes.

Bring the wig back to your styling block and move the drying process along with a blow dryer (air drying works as well) by using both high heat and cool air. The change in air temperatures will help seal the curl further. I waited until the next day so that the wig had more time to dry before removing the rollers. You do not want to remove them wet as the added weight of the water could cause the curl to fall. Carefully remove the rollers and the end result when brushed out gives you a beautiful wave going into a fluffy zigzag curl. Now that the wig has been curled go back through and backcomb at the root of the wig starting from the nape all the way up to behind where the ear will go.

We still need to style the second wig. Repeat all the steps for the first wig, except you will only curl using small and large rollers for the nape section of the second wig. The rest will be set in large rollers. This will help it to blend into the first.

Now that you steam and dried the second wig prepare to sew the two together. You will create a headband parting in the base wig. Place the hairline of your second wig on the headband parting and sew it to the ribbons of the base wig. Do not sew it to the wefts as that puts weight on the tracks of hair and is not as secure over time.


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